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How to edit your app in app99

Follow below mention steps to edit your application:

Step 1: Open http://app99panel.com and login into your app99 account

Edit App
Step 2:

You will be redirected to ‘My Application' web page.

Step 3:

Click 'Edit' icon to edit your app

Other icons: You can clone your app by clicking 'Copy' icon or delete app by clicking 'Delete' icon
Edit App
Edit App
Step 4:

Click 'Edit' or ‘Edit App Properties’ to edit your application.

Other icons: Click any icon to edit a particular section of your app directly
Step 5:

Customise your app properties by changing color and font type which suits your style. Once statisfied with changes, then click ‘Next’.

Edit App
Edit App
Step 6:

Select an app icon and splash screen for you application from wide range of images or upload your own. Click 'Next' button.

Step 7:

Hover on each component on panel will show options. Click ‘Edit’ to edit that component.
Don’t worry about saving, every change is on auto save.

Edit App
Edit App
Step 8 - Add New Feature:

Click on ‘+’ to add a new feature to your app from list of existing features for example appointment forms, chat, social, about us etc.

Step 9:

Or create a custom screen using ‘Add new Template’ icon

Edit App
Edit App
Step 10:

Click on features which are in yellow box or screens displayed on left side of simulator to view that screen in simulator

Step 11:

Don’t forget to ‘Buy’ the application once you finished creating.

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